Hockey was one of the first sports to embrace synthetic pitches and Charles Lawrence Surfaces have been constructing and installing synthetic hockey facilities since 1988. Our systems are sourced from leading carpet manufacturers, all of which provide FIH approved products, making them suitable for use in local schools, clubs, national or international venues.

  • Full build synthetic pitch construction of new facilities, ranging from a small training areas to a new full-size hockey pitches.
  • Resurfacing, reconstruction, alterations and upgrades to existing synthetic / all weather facilities.
  • Full range of surfacing systems available, including;
    • Sand filled synthetic turf.
    • Sand dressed or partially filled synthetic turf.
    • Water based or non-filled synthetic turf.
  • Polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon yarns available.
  • Selection of fibrillated or monofilament yarns to suit design requirements.

Our in-house civil engineering division, Woodholme Construction, provides the high level of accuracy required for the base construction of all types of synthetic hockey surfaces.

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