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How long have you been at Charles Lawrence Surfaces and have you always been a Contract’s Manager?

I’ve been with Charles Lawrence Surfaces for 3 years. Before that I was a site manager for a natural turf contractor.

I have worked my way up through the ranks.  I started off as a labourer and pushed myself to go to university in the evening to progress my career. It has taken the best part of 20 years of working on sites in various roles to get to Contracts Manager position.

Can you describe your role in 3 words?

Challenging, varied and rewarding.

Tell us why your role is so important to the work we do at Charles Lawrence Surfaces?

I feel like my role is important as I see myself as the link between the men on the ground, the clients and management.

I pride myself on the fact I treat everyone as an equal and that I form good working relationships with whoever I work with along the way.

What would you want our customers to know about why they should choose Charles Lawrence Surfaces to install their new pitch/track/MUGA?

I feel that CLS provide a quality that is second to none as we manage to retain an excellent work force who take pride and care in the work that they do. I feel that this is shown in the end product.

From my perspective I feel that we always have the end users’ best interest in mind with the works we do and don’t mind going that extra mile to help them out and achieve a finish which everyone is more than happy with.