Charles Lawrence Surfaces have successfully completed their 10th artificial pitch delivered under the prestigious F.A./R.F.U. framework agreement.

The framework is a vehicle for the Football Foundation to channel funds through the Football Association and Rugby Football Union to strategically placed facilities chosen to promote the participation and quality of the game.

Charles Lawrence Surfaces, have combined with framework partners Lano and Surfacing Standards, to successfully qualify for inclusion on the select list of manufacturer led teams entitled to bid for these projects.

Since then we have formed close working relationships with the F.A. and R.F.U., designing and constructing facilities from Faversham in the South to Redheugh near Gateshead in the North.

The quality of the product and the delivery process are independently monitored by use of  Key Performance Indicators. Although this process is very rigorous and demanding we are very pleased to report that our scoring is very strong, not only on the finished facilities but on our standards of management and systems employed.

The photograph shows a beaming Charles Lawrence Surfaces Contract Manager, Andrew Heath (left), handing over the latest 3g facility at Redheugh Football Club to club Chairman Terry Ritson.