Charles Lawrence Surfaces have battled with the elements in storm battered and beleaguered Penzance.

During the wettest winter on record we secured the contract to resurface Cornwall's, and we believe England's, most westerly artificial pitch at Penzance Hockey Club.

In a bizarre twist of fate, works began on 3rd February 2014, just as some of the worst storms hit the region. With transport links and power services hugely disrupted our workforce have battled on, and the project is now well on the way to completion.

Charles Lawrence Surfaces Contract Manager Dave Fearn said, "We are making very good progress considering the terrible conditions, but we have to take our hats off to all the local residents and the way they have coped, it has been truly horrendous at times, the worst I have seen."

The works are being undertaken under the ever watchful eye of consultants Nottssport. Both the old pitch surface and shockpad have been removed and are being replaced with a new in-situ pad and state of the art sand dressed surface produced by Domo. Fully porous of course!