At Charles Lawrence Surfaces our synthetic hockey pitch systems are sourced from leading synthetic turf manufacturers, all of whom are able to provide FIH approved products, making them suitable for use in local schools to international venues.

Charles Lawrence Surfaces offers a full build synthetic hockey pitch construction of new facilities, ranging from a small training area to full-sized hockey pitches. If required, the installed surface can be tested and certified to the current FIH standards. Charles Lawrence Surfaces can also offer resurfacing, reconstruction, alterations and upgrades to existing synthetic / all weather facilities.

There are different types of surfaces available:

  • Synthetic Sand Filled pitches, the pile height is usually taller than sand dressed, with the sand filled almost to the top of the surface creating a denser playing surface. These systems are a cost effective option for hockey at local club and recreational level.

  • Synthetic Sand Dressed pitch systems have more yarn and less sand; therefore allowing the ball to roll faster.  Sand dressed complies with FIH hockey standards played at national level.

  • A Water Based pitch is designed to have an irrigation system; the water based systems offer greater ball/player interaction than that of sand filled & dressed surfaces.  Water based pitches satisfy the requirements of FIH for National, International & Olympic standards of play. With water based synthetic turf, they can have Polyethylene or water retentive nylon yarns.

  • At Charles Lawrence Surfaces we utilise our knowledge and expertise to design drainage and sub base solutions (fully engineered or dynamic) to suit your location.

  • Each hockey pitch is built to the client’s own individual specific requirements, therefore we take care to agree the line markings for the hockey pitch; but also we consult with our clients regarding the other items such as floodlighting, fencing and sports equipment that can be offered.