At Charles Lawrence Surfaces our synthetic rugby pitch systems are sourced from leading synthetic turf manufacturers, all of whom are able to provide World Rugby or FIFA approved products, making them suitable for use in local schools to international venues.

Charles Lawrence Surfaces offers a full build construction of new synthetic rugby pitch facilities, ranging from a mini rugby/football pitch to new full-size rugby / football pitches and can provide resurfacing, reconstruction, alterations and upgrades to existing synthetic rugby pitches and all-weather facilities.

Charles Lawrence Surfaces works with individual clients to offer a full range of surfacing systems to suit their individual requirements. Our surfaces will conform to the latest industry requirements, including; World Rugby and FIFA Quality (formally 1 Star), FIFA Quality Pro (formally 2 Star).

Synthetic Rugby surfaces have a pile height of approx. 60mm, and require an insitu or prefabricated shock pad to ensure compliance with World Rugby regulations.

By working with the leading synthetic turf manufacturers, they are continuingly developing and modifying their product, this ensures that Charles Lawrence can offer our clients the best surfaces available.

At Charles Lawrence Surfaces we utilise our knowledge and expertise to design drainage and sub base solutions (fully engineered or dynamic) to suit your location.

Each rugby pitch is built to the client’s own individual specific requirements, therefore we take care to agree the line markings for the rugby pitch; but also we consult with our clients regarding the other items such as floodlighting, fencing and sports equipment that can be offered.